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Life in a Rainforest

This is a very tried and tested session used many times.  We start by enjoying a short sound and picture quiz, trying to identify different noises found in a rainforest. 

We look at the location of rainforests, their 'layers', why they have so much biodiversity, and what can affect them.

Some of the numerous plants, insects and animals are explored in detail along with how some of the local people exist.

This session is supported by my photos, video clips and stories from first hand experience in various rainforests, particularly Guyana and Papua New Guinea.


This talk can be used as part of a series to show comparison of habitats between rain forests, arctic, deserts etc


"I liked it all but the part that stood out the most was the sound quiz."

From Jack, Yr 5


handle variety of seed pods

and wood

touch items made

from seeds

try the sound quiz

How can the children participate?


"I didn't know that a plant could smell like chocolate and that orchids could live on trees... You have really inspired me to go on adventures and to be an explorer."

From Lily, Yr 4

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