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Food Chain in the Arctic

This topic is often shown to be complex but here we explore a simple food chain within the arctic circle. 

We look at some of the flora and fauna found in the arctic and what can happen when just one of those elements fails or is affected by outside elements such as a warming climate or human impact. 

The session is based around my time spent with the Sami people in northern Sweden and looks at their way of life. We investigate their dependency upon the reindeer and how animals depend on each other for survival.

We kick off with a sound quiz and the children check their responses as the session progresses.

There are several Sami artefacts for the children to handle.



guess the arctic sound

listen to traditional singing

handle reindeer antlers

How can the children participate?


"The presentation helped me grow as a learner because it helped me to concentrate more, encouraged me to think more about the environment and I now know a lot more about the rainforest and Arctic"

From Ella Yr 6

"You have inspired me to go to the arctic..."

Josef, Yr4

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