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A Thirst for Deserts

We first question what exactly IS a desert and explore where the majority of dry deserts of the world are located.

The session then funnels down to two famous deserts of Africa, the Sahara and Kalahari. We explore how we travel around in such an environment, how the local people exist and the animals important to them. 

This presentation is supported by my photos,stories and music captured during my time in Mali and in South Africa and showcases the Tuareg and San people in their natural environment.  There are many artefacts for the children to see and handle.

This talk lends itself to be run over two separate sessions to allow sufficient time to cover each desert thoroughly. Alternatively, Part 1 or Part 2 could be used in isolation or run as one long session. As a comparison of environments, it could be paired with 'Life in a Rainforest' or 'Life in Mountains'



handle a 'sand pillow'

touch an ostrich egg

and bone jewellery

listen to local singing

How can the children participate?

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