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Adapting to Extremes

Rainforest to Arctic

This session looks at how plants, animals and people have adapted depending on their habitat.  We look at two very diverse environments throughout this talk, touching on why life is so prolific in the rainforest and less obvious in the arctic.

We start with a sound and photo quiz to encourage the children to think where each could come from and their answers are explored as the session progresses.  The session is built around my time in Guyana and the Arctic with stories to elaborate along the way.  We look briefly at what is impacting each biome and question how we can help. 


Finally we ask 'what habitat would you prefer'?

This is quite a long session but useful as an introduction to a variety of topics to perhaps be covered in depth throughout a term. It could be split over two separate days giving more time to absorb each environment. 


Alternatively, there are separate sessions available called 'Life in a Rainforest' and

'Arctic Food Chain'.


IMG_0455 OrchidTrek.jpg

handle variety of seed pods

handle reindeer antlers

try the sound and photo quiz

look at Fairtrade products

How can the children participate?


"The most interactive thing was when you let us feel all the different seeds that made rattling noises! I enjoyed your way of teaching very much"

From Alisha  Yr 4

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