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Masks from Around the World

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What is a 'mask'? We look at the history of masks and their uses in different cultures, as well as modern examples.

This session could serve as a supplement to any 'art' topic or as an introduction to different cultures of the world.

The talk is built upon my experiences in seeing some exciting masks in use during various festivals and shows photos and video clips from Bhutan, Mali and Papua New Guinea.

There are MANY masks for the children to see, some of which can be touched and worn. 



touch and wear some very

unique masks

guess their country

of origin

How can the children participate?

"My favourite part was when you showed us some of the masks.  It was amazing to see other cultures' traditions! It was also interesting to learn about different countries as well!"

From Lucy  Yr 5


"Seeing how other people lived differently to us was so insteresting but strange in a way. I never knew so many people danced in other countries - I wish that happened here. You have inspired me to have displays of masks."

From Meg Yr 5

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