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Life Without Water

We look at how people cope without easy access to water.


Where are the major dry deserts of the world?

We look at two cultures, the Maasai and the San people, comparing their lifestyles and how they prioritise resources when no running water is available.

We look at the animals important to them and how people and animals have adapted throughout evolution. 

This session is built around photos and video clips of my time spent with each people highlighting their customs and way of life that is easily affected by severe weather.  I have many artefacts for children to handle.

This session pairs well with 'Life NEVER without Water'.


"I found all of your artefacts both amazing and interesting. I also liked dressing up as a Maasai woman and wearing a red cloth. My favourite part was holding the ostrich egg"

From  Maria, Yr 4


handle ostrich egg and  jewellery 

dress as a Maasai;

listen to schoolchildren


How can the children participate?

WithoutWater IMG_0369.jpg

"My favourite part you said was 'they have mobile phones but no electricity'. It was great hearing about your wonderful adventures, please come back again"

From Arun, Yr 4

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