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In Search of Volcanoes


This session explores the locality of some of the world's most active volcanoes and how they are formed; we look at the 'ring of fire' and volcanoes in some unusual places.  

We look at what constitutes an 'active' volcano and how tectonic plates shape the world.

We concentrate on volcanoes I have visited in some remote areas and look at other strange landscapes caused by volcanic activity.


The session is supported by my own photos, videos and stories from that experience.  This includes how I reached them and the lifestyles of some of the communities living in the shadow of a live volcano.

An exciting time is guaranteed!




handle different types

of volcanic rocks

listen and look into a

bubbling lava lake

How can the children participate?


"I just wanted to write and let you know what a success it was having Sandra come into school yesterday.  Daniel was so animated last night.  I think this is definitely one school day he will remember for a long time!."

From Parent

"Dear Sandra, Thank you for sharing your time with us and thank you for showing those amazing photos of the volcanoes. My favourite part was everything!"

From Jakub, Yr 4

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