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This session looks at the legacy of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings in the context of other invasions into Britain down the ages.

We explore who came from where, their culture, clothes and beliefs and how these have left their mark on our everyday lives.

This presentation looks at the Sutton Hoo story and the Viking history of York, as well as the famous invasion by the Normans in 1066.  The stories are supported by my own video clips from battle re-enactments staged in York and on the actual 1066 battlefield.


guess words that 

come to us from Vikings and Anglo Saxons

handle a Viking drinking goblet

How can the children participate?


"Firstly, your session was excellent as always. What I found helpful was that it allowed us to follow up other aspects that we hadn’t yet addressed.

The children also really enjoyed it. Thank you for giving up your time to see us."

From Yr 4 Teacher

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