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Life in the Cold

LifeinCold 2009 03 27 Finland 016.jpg

This session looks at what it feels like to live in a cold environment.  It was created for Reception or Year 1 children and is extremely visual with lots of music and video clips.

We first look at some of the animals that are found in the Arctic and Antarctic and then how some people live in cold areas. We see how people can travel around, the food they find and the clothes they can wear to keep warm. 

This presentation uses my photos and video clips from time travelling through the Arctic and Antarctic put to some music that the children will relate to.

LifeinCold 2009 03 28 028.jpg


be the first to spot the

polar bear

be on a boat through

the ice

How can the children participate?

Young Students

Other talks aimed at this age range are


 'Journeys' and 'On,In and Under the Sea'

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