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Happy Feet!

Antarctica and Beyond


This is the session that kick-started my idea of Classroom Talk.  It has recently been updated and now offers exciting glimpses into the lives of the most famous explorers of the 'heroic age'.

We first think of words to describe the continent before looking at some surprising facts and then how we reach it. What do we find there?  the environment,  animals and people who work there are explored through photos and video clips from my time in Antarctica, along with a story from the British Antarctic Ice Station, Halley. 

We investigate where icebergs come from and what happens to them. We look at the animals, both large and small, and end with thoughts on its 'ownership' and what may happen in the future.  



watch video of Shackleton's ship

in the ice

see a calving glacier

see 250,000 penguins

How can the children participate?


"Thank you again for your talk about Antarctica. It was a great hook to start our topic and the changes you made worked really well"

From Yr 4 Teacher

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